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In particular, IT and Cybersecurity is a field full of technical jargon, and there is a love of acronyms. From ATP and CAPTCHA, through to PCI-DSS and VPN, I will answer what these are here.

I’m frequently asked about how to do certain things around cybersecurity or looking for myself. So in this section, I will document things I’ve done and make guides to help you repeat these and solve your issues.

In cybersecurity, as like many other areas of IT, the world is ever-changing. Technologies get upgraded, the “bad guys” find new ways to do things, and as a result, we always have to develop our knowledge. So here I look at the exams or certifications I have done and give you the details of what they are, the notes I have made and where to find resources for these.

You might just be thinking of starting a career, but where do you see yourself in five years? Here you can learn what career paths are available such as Pentesters, Threat Intelligence or Security Analyst
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Cyber Security In Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Cyber Security Centre Logo black and white

Northern Ireland is a world-leading cyber hub. It has been rated the number one region for US FDI cyber security development projects. It is now home to an impressive cyber security cluster consists of international companies, world-renowned university research,world leading cybersecurity technologies and innovative start-ups delivering global cyber security solutions.

The provinces global success is due to a diverse range of world-class skills, tech research excellence, leading forensic science expertise, collaboration opportunities and very competitive costs, including attractive R&D incentives through Invest Northern Ireland.

In Northern Ireland, cyber start-ups and SMEs thrive from a tech community developing talent through a highly developed entrepreneurial ecosystem, incubation processes, and a vibrant networking and events scene.

Tech companies from countries such as the USA, Isreal, Germany and Spain have invested in Northern Ireland’s diverse range of innovation and skills. 

These are continually being developed in the Further and Higher Education institutions such as North West Regional College, Belfast Met, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) and Ulster University (UU). Northern Ireland has the most significant percentage of highly qualified IT professionals in the UK and Ireland. 

Bachelors, Masters and PhD courses in cyber security, Information security and information technology are offered by the universities and Further education colleges involved in conjunction with companies such as Imperva, Signifyd, Black Duck (by Synopsis), Rapid 7, Proofpoint, Alert Logic, Anomali, and Whitehat Security.

These companies and the international cyber investors have been attracted by the strong economy, diverse pool of talent here in Northern Ireland

  • The Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) at QUB is the UK’s Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) for cyber security. It is the UK’s most significant cybersecurity-focused university technology research, development, events and innovation centre.
  • The London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) is delivered in partnership with Deloitte’s cyber team and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) at QUB.
  • RISE, a new UK Hardware Security Institute at CSIT, is one of four cyber security institutes in the UK and is set to be a global hub for research, skills innovation in hardware.
  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has a dedicated Cyber Crime Centre led by detectives who have developed professional solid technical, and forensic capability.
  • Financial services firms including Allstate, CME and Citi have invested in cyber security operations in Belfast. Global players such as PwC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and BDO have significant regional operations. They have developed a range of cyber security solutions directly serviced jobs from Northern Ireland.
NI Cyber Security Cluster Logo

The Northern Ireland Cyber Security Cluster promotes international business, innovation, events and collaboration opportunities. The cyber security cluster consists of companies developing world leading cybersecurity technologies from Northern Ireland across various sectors, including finance, banking, insurance, legal, telecoms, threat intelligence, defence, security and healthcare. More information can be found on NI Cyber Security Cluster Website.

The Northern Ireland Cyber Security Centre works with its counterpart, the National Cyber Security Centre, to make Northern Ireland cyber safe, secure and resilient for its citizens and businesses.

They are focused on ensuring that we have a better-informed society and business community to better protect their technology, systems and data from cyber-attack

The NICSC plays a prominent role in delivering the Northern Ireland Cyber Safe Strategy – A Strategic Framework for Action and are a crucial advocate for the cyber security economy in Northern Ireland.

They work with public, private, third sector organisation and international business to improve their ability to defend against cyberattacks, increase their knowledge of cyber threats, and become more resilient. They ensure an organisation can access the right advice, guidance, and support in tandem with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

More specifically, the NI Cyber Security Centre:

  • Collaborates with our counterparts across the UK to ensure that Northern Ireland is part of the overall UK cyber response to incoming threats and attacks.
  • Provides access to knowledge about cybersecurity and threats.
  • Issues guidance on the actions necessary to improve the cybersecurity of our citizens and public/private sector businesses.

What they don’t do

The Northern Ireland Cyber Security Centre is not responsible for:

  • Cyber Crime
  • If you are a victim of a cybercrime, contact the PSNI
  • Coordination of cyber incident response 
  • This is the remit of the PSNI or National Cyber Security Centre.

NI CYBER security Centre

Northern Ireland Cyber Security Centre Logo black and white

some of my certifications

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