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Hello! My name is Colin, and I’ve been working as a Cyber Security Analyst since 2019. Before this, I worked in Sports Education & Development. If you want to see my work history & certifications, please check out my LinkedIn using the button below.

For more about me, please see below (when I get round to writing it, of course).

More about me

More info will appear here shortly

Since January 2019 I have been working on a number of courses and certifications. These were mostly through the two academies that I attended (Software Testing & Development and then Cyber Security). Opposite are some of the certifications that I have gained. You can find out more about these on my LinkedIn or in the learning area where I have written about courses and exams I have taken, along with guides on how to pass these exams.

Why start this site

Why have I started this site?

There are many reasons why someone should start a site like this, such as making money, boosting their brand, or just as a hobby. I started this site due to a mixture of all of these. Since beginning in Cyber Security in Early 2019, I have found many great resources and places online to find information. However, two areas have always been lacking, in my opinion. 

The first is that there is not a large number of good places to find out entry-level information about defensive or blue team cyber security. Sure, there are thousands of sites to find out about the shiny objects of Penetration testing. But next to nothing about blue teaming, where most of the jobs (especially in NI) are.

The second reason is that there are no good or even average resources about cyber security in Northern Ireland. We have the Cyber Security Cluster, the Centre For Secure Technologies at QUB and the NI Cyber Security Centre. But none of these sites are beneficial to anyone other than investors and big business, in my opinion.


So, here we are. If you’d like to contribute or even point out an inaccuracy/make an article better please don’t hesitate to get ion touch.

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