How to Spot A Fake Email

Coming Soon 7 Essential Tips to Spot a Fake Email Along with the advent of new technologies today, online threats such as cybercrime became prominent. Cybercriminals use email as a platform to continuously do their unlawful activities. Since emails are used for professional and personal communication, attackers and fraudsters prefer to utilise login page online …

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What Is Spear Phishing

Coming Soon Spear Phishing With the advanced technology that many people use, hackers and scammers tend to use advanced techniques to invade people’s privacy, steal sensitive information, and make cyber attacks like spear phishing or other online illegal activities. Then, these pieces of information are used to hack their data, bank accounts, and financial transactions …

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Types of Malware

9 Most Common Types Of Malware And How to Prevent Them

The most common types of malware infections are caused by keyloggers, rootkits, viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs, ransomware / crypto-malware, spyware & adware, and bots/botnets. Malware attacks can easily be prevented by using anti-malware software providing security awareness training, implementing security policies, installing spam & anti-malware filters, using multi-factor authentication, performing routine vulnerability assessments, and …

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What Is smishing

What is Smishing? One of the many types of phishing attacks is smashing, and it targets mobile devices. Rather than sending phishing messages via email, smishers use MMS or SMS text messages to send these messages to mobile devices. Using mobile devices has become more common for businesses due to bringing your device (BYOD) and …

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What is spoofing

What Is Spoofing

What is Spoofing? A Definition of Spoofing Spoofing is when someone disguises a communication, such as an email, that comes from a source that is unknown but meant to look like it comes from a trusted, known source. Spoofing can be used with websites, phone calls, and emails, or can be more complex, such as …

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What Is Vishing

Coming soon What is Vishing? Series of cybercrime are done in different ways on many platforms. Since many people prominently use technology and online transactions, these hackers remain active and perform tricks on online users for some financial benefits. Fraudulent activities like voice phishing, vishing attacks, and the likes are the common types of cybercrime …

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